“Treating the song as king” is a philosophy at the forefront of Brian’s producing.


“The song should be served first, with all other agendas taking a back seat to it.”



Pre-production is a vital part of this approach. Throughout this process, the technical aspects of parts, arrangements, and execution will be addressed. This is where he gets to know you as an artist. Your objectives, vision, and vibe for your music and what you are musically passionate about. Whether you are clearly in tune with that from the beginning or if you are in need of direction and inspiration, he is equipped to deliver on many different levels.


Clients have mentioned that they enjoy Brian’s ability to be a catalyst to promote creativity and keep the process fun without compromising the integrity of the albums objective and work ethic. He truly enjoys working with passionate artists.


He will be as involved in your creative process as you would like, from a “hands-off” approach of sonically producing, a “hands-on” approach of arranging and rewrites including everything in between the spectrums musical arc.


Brian adds, “If you take one thing with you from reading this, make it the following; I will deliver the end result many promise but few achieve – a great record! I look forward to working with you and your music.”



Song production includes pre-production, arranging, producing, engineering, mixing and studio time at Sonic Muse for tracking and mixing. Production is available on a song or album basis, with independent artist rates rivaling those of entry-level producers, mixers, and studios.



Brian mixes in a hybrid environment combining the warmth and vibe of analog with the accuracy and flexibility of digital, yielding major label results.


Mixing is available on a song or album basis with independent artist rates rivaling those of entry-level mixers and studios.



Brian provides a wide range of services in this area, from career analyses to song critiques.


Consulting is provided on an hourly basis. Contact him with your specific needs.


Brian has succeeded in taking multiple artists from development to record deal.


He welcomes submissions from independent artists that are passionate about their music and driven to succeed. When the fit is right, agreements follow and the process of advancing their career begins.


Artists are considered on a case-by-case basis.